PA Couple Arrested after Cop Mistook Hibiscus Plant for Weed

For today’s daily dose of “whoops,” a Pennsylvania couple has announced plans to sue their local police department, and an insurance company, because they were arrested when someone mistook their hibiscus plants for pot plants.

According to a report by Newser, the whole thing started when the couple called their auto insurance company to send an agent out to asses the damage to their vehicle after a tree fell on top of it.

The agent, who will definitely never be accused of having used or seen marijuana, saw the plants in their car. The agent proceeded to take photos and send them into the office.  Someone from the office called the police, and before this couple knew it, officers were storming their home with assault rifles.

The couple was detained for several hours, despite telling the police over and over and over again that the plants were hibiscus, not marijuana.

The pair was eventually released, but they’re seeking “monetary and compensatory damages” and reimbursement for court costs.

Original article: Couple: Cops detained us after mistaking hibiscus for pot plants

Photo credit: By B. Attard – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link and By Zachary – Transferred from ru.wikipedia, CC BY 1.0, Link

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