Prosecutor Fired for Booze-Fueled Tirade at Uber Driver

A Texas-based prosecutor who is alleged to have unleashed a booze-fueled rant on her Uber drive has been fired.

The incident happened in mid-November, according to a report by Newser, and it started when 26-year-old, Shaun Platt, picked up 32-year-old, assistant District Attorney Jody Warner, from their friendly neighborhood pub.

At some point during her trip home, she took issue with the route. First, she called him an “idiot,” and from there, the insults got worse.  But it wasn’t until she called hi a “f%&S^g joke,” that he decided to pull the car over and ask her to get out.

To make matters worse, Warner refused! When he called the police for assistance, she claimed “this might be a kidnapping” and hit him! Yikes! Warner then went onto throw her job title around, asking if he thought the police would believe him over her.

To which Platt replied… “you’re kind of right, so I took my phone out and recorded it.”

The Uber driver didn’t press charges, but that hasn’t stopped Uber from banning Warner from using the ride-share app until the company completes their investigation.

She’s also been fired from her job.

In an interview with the Dallas Morning News, Warner claims she went into “fight or flight” mode because she didn’t recognize the route. She went onto claim that “not everything the driver said is true.”

The driver admits he didn’t want her to lose her job, but feels she should know that she can’t treat people badly just because they aren’t doctors or lawyers.

Original article: Uber driver tapes drink-fueled rant, Dallas prosecutor is fired

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