Suspects Set up Mobile Meth Lab in Walmart Parking Lot, Get Arrested

Three North Carolina residents who decided to “break bad” and set up a mobile meth lab in a Walmart parking lot have been arrested, police said.

The trio, aka 29-year-old Robert Harr, 26-year-old Ashley Fisher and 25-year-old Randy Holms were “acting suspiciously,” officers said, and a patrolman decided to scan the license plate of their Cadillac just in case.

The plates were registered to a Ford Explorer, which seemed more than a bit suspicious.

When another officer approached the car to try to determine if it had been stolen, they spotted drug paraphernalia in the back seat.

When they searched the car further, they realized the three men had been using it as a mobile meth lab! Apparently these men never bothered to watch the real ‘Breaking Bad,’ otherwise they may have decided to set up shop in an RV, instead.

The men were booked into the county lock up on $80,000 and $90,000 bail bonds.

Original article: ‘Mobile meth lab’ in Walmart parking lot results in 3 arrests

Photo credit: By PsychonaughtOwn work, CC0, Link

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