Arrested: Woman Calls Cops About Naked Man on Her Roof

When you go to bed, you don’t expect to wake up to find a naked man walking around on your roof—but that’s exactly what happened to a couple in Phoenix, AZ.

The incident happened in early-December, according to a report by 13 News Now, and it began when a woman and her husband leaped out of bed after hearing footsteps on the roof of their home.

The couple was clearly shocked—and they were even more alarmed when they realized the man was trying to break into their bathroom window!

While the husband called the police, the wife ran outside and began to take a video of the suspect.

That, police said, is when she realized he was in the buff.

When officers arrived at the home it took them about 20 minutes to coax the would-be-naked-burglar off the roof. When they did finally get him down, he admitted to being high on drugs.

He was booked at the county jail on first-degree criminal trespassing and indecent exposure charges.

Original article: Phoenix woman finds naked man on her roof

Photo credit: Fotolia

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