Florida Crime: Police Arrest Drunk Man for Driving Lawn Mower on Freeway

People in Florida seem to have a knack for strange DUI incidents.  Case in point: in early November, we posted a story about a woman who was busted for DUI while she was riding a horse.

This particular incident may not have involved a horse, but it did involve an allegedly intoxicated man on a riding mower.

And while neither drinking alcohol, or driving a riding lawn mower are not crimes in themselves, combining the two, and then taking the lawn mower for a spin down US Highway 1, well that will land you in jail.

That’s exactly what happened to 56-year-old Kenneth Alleshouse.

To make matters worse, when police pulled him over, he was carrying a case of beer! Police said they also tested the man’s blood alcohol level, and while they couldn’t disclose their exact findings, they did say it was roughly three times the legal limit.

Alleshouse was arrested and booked for driving while under the influence.

Original article: Drunk Florida man arrested for driving lawn mower on highway

Photo credit: Port St. Lucie Police Department via Drunk Florida man arrested for driving lawn mower on highway

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