Florida Crime: Woman Arrested for DUI on Horseback Caught in Equine Custody Battle

The Polk City woman who was arrested early last month on suspicion of riding her horse while intoxicated is fighting the court to regain custody of her four-legged transportation vessel.

Donna Byrne was taken into custody after a passerby called police to report a woman looking confused on a horse and possibly in danger.

When police arrived on scene, they found a very intoxicated Byrne, complete with red watery eyes, on the horse’s back. The results of the breathalyzer indicated showed her breath alcohol level was nearly twice Florida’s legal limit.

The county sheriff has said that Byrne had ridden the horse about 10 miles. 10 miles!?! Not only was she scaring the cars that were on the road, she was weaving the horse “up near and onto the road, and back of into the side of the road.”

After she was arrested, the horse was taken to the sheriff’s Animal Control livestock facility. Patch.com reports there will be two additional hearings before the judge renders a custody decision.

Original article: Florida woman arrested for DUI on a horse fighting for custody

Photo credit: Polk County Sheriff’s Department via Florida woman arrested for DUI on a horse fighting for custody

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