Arrested: Police Say Carjacker Stripped Naked as She Tried to Run Away

The number of “arrested naked” stories never ceases to amaze us. Last year, we posted blogs about a woman who called the police after finding a naked man on her roof, a naked carjacker and we even found one about a naked Walmart shopper who took a cart for a joyride.

It would seem that this trend has continued into the new year.

Police in Shelton, WA say they arrested a woman after she stoke a truck, led them on a chase, and then stripped off her clothes when she tried to flee on foot. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

It all began when 911 dispatch officials got a call from a man who said a woman had stolen his truck. But the woman didn’t get far.

She ditched the truck about a block away, according to news reports, and when she jumped a fence (into the fields of a local high school, of all places) and began to run, she also began to take off her clothes.

The suspect has since been caught and was booked into the county jail on robbery charges.

Original article: Naked carjacking suspect arrested outside Shelton High School, police say

Photo credit: Fotolia

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