Florida Man Calls 911 to Complain About Small Clams

When 51-year-old Florida resident, Nelson Agosto, called 911 to complain the restaurant he was dining at was serving up small clams, he never expected he’d wind up with a citation to appear in court.

Calling the 911 emergency line for non-emergencies is, in fact, a crime- as evidenced by some of our prior posts about a woman who called 911 to report her drug dealer had shorted her and another woman who called 911 for chicken wing delivery.

According to dispatch officials, this all started when Agosto decided to stop by his friendly neighborhood seafood restaurant for lunch—but when he got the bill, he felt he shouldn’t have to pay $12 because the clams he’d ordered were small and “had nothing in the shell.”

The restaurant disagreed, so Agusto called 911.

The dispatcher was kind at first, indicating he’d need to call the non-emergency line. But when he called 911 a second time, to complain that no one was answering the non-emergency line, that’s when he got into trouble.

An officer arrived at the restaurant a short time later—but much to the man’s surprise, the officer wasn’t there to help fix his bill. The officer instead provided him with a citation to appear in court, for misuse of the emergency system.

Original article: Florida man accused of calling 911 to gripe about small clams

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