Serial Pooper Targets College Campus Laundry Room

There have been quite a few stories recently about serial poopers. In late-December, we posted a blog about a mystery defecator who was leaving “packages” on the lawns of Orchard Park, NY residents.

In this case, the perpetrator isn’t targeting lawns, but instead, washing machines

NY Daily News Reports that an unknown poop-artist is dropping off some, well, undesirable loads in a college campus laundry room.

Someone, it seems has been targeting washing machines while someone is using them to wash clothes.

One student said he has found poop in his clothes on at least three separate occasions. He also said he found poop inside the seal of the washing machine.


The victims say the first thing they notice when they go to take their supposedly “clean” laundry out of the machines is the smell.

The problem has gotten so bad, campus officials said, that they’ve filed a formal police report.

Original article: ‘Serial pooper’ reportedly relieving themselves in campus washing machines at Southern Illinois

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock | Gratisography / Ryan McGuire

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