Arrested Again: ‘Serial Stowaway’ Can’t Stop Herself From Trying to Sneak Onto Planes

A 66-year-old woman who has a habit of getting on planes, without actually having paid for a plane ticket, is back behind bars.

Court records show that Marilyn Hartman had been barred from both Chicago-based airports, after she allegedly snuck onto a British Airways jet (and flew to the UK.) She didn’t have a ticket for the flight, police said, and not only was she charged with felony theft, she was also charged with misdemeanor trespass for entering the airport unlawfully.

During an early court proceeding, the judge ordered the woman to undergo a psychiatric evaluation; he also barred her from entering both local airports. Hartman was eventually released OR and was told she’d need to wear an electronic monitoring device.

The flaw in that plan, however, was that the monitoring system wouldn’t actually be able to do its job—because Hartman lives in a different county. So the judge set her bail at $10,000 and was very stern in his instructions to steer clear of the airports.

Three days later, she was arrested at O’Hare International—for trespassing and for violating the conditions of her bond.

Original article: ‘Serial stowaway’ arrested at O’Hare days after judge bans her from airport

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