Bank Robber Hails Cab—to Take Him to Heist

It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes

For as crazy as it seems, criminals in the US seem to have a habit of flagging down cabs to take them to their intended crime scenes.

In the past, we’ve put up story about a pair of burglars who stiffed their cab driver after he dropped them off at the scene of their intended heist (they were caught after the cab driver called the cops to report he’d been stiffed).

We also put up a post about a pair of thieves who hailed a cab when they were on their way to commit a bank robbery (things didn’t end well for those guys, either).

Things also didn’t end well for 25-year-old Ryan Stepanian. He was arrested in late-January after he called a cab to take him to a bank heist. Not only did he have the driver take him to the bank—he told him to wait outside—and when he returned, he had the driver drop him off at a nearby park!

Stepanian’s plan was foiled after the cab driver saw his photo all over social media—and called the police to notify them as to where they could find the suspect.

Original article: Police: Suspect took a cab to rob a West Virginia Bank

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock | Gratisography / Ryan McGuire

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