Cops Eat Pot Edibles, Start to Hallucinate, Call 911

In 2007, the story about a police officer who stole pot from the evidence room and decided to bake the weed in a batch of brownies went viral—because the officer, and his wife, got very, very high and they called 911 to report that they were dead.

If you thought this is the type of thing that only happens once, think again.

Two Toronto police officers have found themselves in pretty hot water after they consumed marijuana while on the job. The edibles were consumed near the police station, sources note, adding that the pair began to hallucinate a short time later.

Newser reports that they called 911 for help after one of them wound up in a tree.

(It’s believed the men obtained the pot edibles after a raid had been carried out against a local dispensary.)

Both men have since been suspended and the incident is being investigated by the department’s professional standards unit.

Original article: Cops call for help after allegedly eating pot, hallucinating

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock | Merelize

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