Doughnut-Eating Contest Winner Robs Doughnut Shop

A 27-year-old North Carolina man is behind bars after committing a rather strange crime.  Bradley Hardison has been charged with robbery, police said, because he robbed a local doughnut shop.  In most cases, a story about a man who decided to hold up a doughnut shop wouldn’t be especially interesting, but when the suspect gained local celebrity status after he won a doughnut eating contest, well, that raises some eyebrows!

Hardison’s prior claim to fame involved downing eight glazed doughnuts in under two minutes.

Now, he’s facing hard time after the authorities arrested him on suspicion of felony breaking and entering and felony safe cracking for his role in the burglary of a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Police haven’t said whether Hardison helped himself to any glazed doughnuts at the time of the robbery, and they haven’t indicated why the now-defendant decided to knock off a doughnut shop as opposed to a jewelry store or a McDonalds.

It is, however, believed the man will get his “just desserts” at the time he’s sentenced.

Original article: Cops: Doughnut-eating champ robbed doughnut store

Photo credit:  FreeRange Stock | Merelize

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