Florida Crime: Man Works Out Naked At Apartment Complex Gym, Gets Arrested

Here’s something you don’t see every day… A Florida man (of course) was arrested at his apartment complex earlier this month after he decided to get a workout in.

Now, while working out isn’t exactly a crime, doing so, in a public place, without any clothes on, can and will get you arrested. Especially if you decide to do it mid-morning!

This all started when a leasing consultant called the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to report one of the complex’s residents was naked and making a point to use every machine in the gym.

A maintenance worker went to investigate, and when he got to the workout room he found 57-year-old Kerry Haynes, wearing nothing but his birthday suit, riding a stationary bike. Haynes left the gym a short time later, and when the police arrived, they found him outside, on the grass, near a pond, performing a “self-pleasuring act.”

Suffice to say, things didn’t end well for the now-defendant. He was arrested and booked at the county jail for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs. He’s also being evicted. We hope the manager wiped down all of that equipment!

Original article: Man arrested after naked workout at apartment complex gym, police say

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