‘Jackpotting’ ATM Thieves Arrive in the US

Jackpotting thieves have been hitting up ATM machines throughout the globe for months—but law enforcement officials say they’ve finally made their way to the US.

So how does this work? Ultimately, the criminals gain access to the internal infrastructure of the machine, and with the hit-of-a-computer-button, they’re able to cause it to malfunction. The malfunction involves the machine spitting out cash like it’s a high-powered slot machine! Some machines have the ability to spit out more than 100 bills per minute, which, as you can imagine, can clean an ATM out of cash pretty quick!

The first instance of jackpotting in the US was seen in late January; the US Secret Service notes the attacks are usually carried out at stand-alone ATM machines (aka, the kind you’d see in a pharmacy or big-box retailer).

It’s a pretty sophisticated cyber-attack, and now that it’s happening in the US, it’s believed this type of crime won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

Original article: ‘Jackpotting’ thieves hit US ATMs for first time

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock | Chance Agrella

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