Police Still Trying to Track Down Thieves Who Stole More Than 40 Tons of Chocolate

There are choc-o-haulics and then there are choc-o-haulicsThis story has the latter.

Police in Germany say they’re still trying to figure out how roughly 44 tons of chocolate were stolen from a southern Germany industrial park. Is there a black market for chocolate in Germany?

The sweets were stored inside two tractor trailer trucks, authorities said, and for some reason, a pair of thieves targeted those loads.

It’s not immediately clear if the thieves were specifically trying to steal the chocolate (although it doesn’t appear that any milk trucks had been stolen), or if the thieves were simply crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

One truck was found a few days later near border of France—the chocolate was recovered, and the driver fled on foot. The second truck was also found near the French border. In that instance, most of the chocolate, and the thief, were nowhere to be found. We’re guessing he was chocolate wasted wherever he was.

Original article: German police hunt thieves who stole 44 tons of chocolate

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock | Wixphoto.com

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