Arrested: Man Tries Once Again to Evade Police in Stolen U-Haul

If at first you don’t succeed…

Police in Standish, Maine say they’ve arrested a man for the second time in 12 months on suspicion of the same crime.

Both times, the man tried to evade capture by stealing (and driving off in) a U-Haul. It probably goes without saying, but neither attempt was successful.

His first arrest took place on Halloween night, when he ended up crashing the U-Haul.

This time, it seems that he may have crashed the second U-Haul, as well. Officers said the man showed signs of injuries at the time he was apprehended, and the truck showed signs of minor damage.

The suspect is being charged with failing to stop for a police officer and theft of a motor vehicle. He’s being held at the county jail on unknown bail bonds.

Orignal article: Man charged with eluding police in stolen U-Haul – again

Photo credit: By Bull-Doser at English WikipediaOwn work., Public Domain, Link

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