California Crime: Drunk Man Rides Horse onto Los Angeles Freeway

It would seem that getting arrested while drunk and on horseback is turning into some sort of “thing.”

A few months back, we posted a blog about a drunk Florida woman who got busted for DUI while riding a horse alongside of a busy road.

This time, a California man was busted by the California Highway Patrol after they spotted him riding a horse alongside State Route 91.

Not only was the man riding his horse on a busy California freeway, when they conducted a field sobriety test, they learned his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit! Yikes!

This horseback rider was arrested on suspicion of DUI and he was carted off to the local jail for booking. His horse, Guera, was released to the custody of a family member.

After the arrest, the CHP took to Twitter, posting “No, you may not ride your horse on the freeway, and certainly not while intoxicated.”

Original article: No course for a horse: Man rides onto California freeway

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock

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