Crook Steals Cop’s Personal Vehicle, Uses Credit Card to Buy Taco Bell

A man who had a hankering for some tacos has been arrested, police said, because he made quite a few bad decisions during his “run for the border.”

Connecticut police officials say the 21-year-old suspect began his night by strolling into a parking garage and breaking into a car (that just so happened to belong to a police officer).  When he was in the car, he made bad decision number two (he decided to steal it) and then used one of the owner’s credit cards to buy some Taco Bell (but, to be fair, he also made some purchases at his friendly neighborhood Walmart).

Once the purchasing spree came to an end, the man drove the car to a private lot, parked it an empty space and walked off.

The car was ultimately recovered, investigators said, and they used surveillance video to determine his identity.

The crook was arrested and charged with burglary, identity theft and second-degree larceny.

Original article: Police: Man stole officer’s car, used credit cards for food

Photo credit: FreeRange Stock

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