Jailer Arrested for Trying to Smuggle Drugs into the Lock Up in a Burrito

There are a few things that are guaranteed to get you arrested, such as trying to visit a jail inmate when you have an outstanding warrant.

If you try to smuggle drugs into a jail (or prison), that’s bound to get you into some trouble, too.

It would seem that 20-year-old, Kevin Mayo, who works at the county jail, never got that memo. Police reports indicated he was arrested after he was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the facility, by stashing those drugs in a burrito.

Which drugs did he try to smuggle in? Well, it seems that he had marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription painkillers shoved inside the foil wrapper.

Mayo has since been arrested and has been charged with conspiracy to commit a felony, possession of contraband in jail, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance.

The jail placed him on unpaid leave. His bail bonds information was not immediately known.

Original article: Jail worker arrested for hiding drugs in a burrito

Photo credit: pixabay

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