Man Arrested After Cameras Catch Him Trying to Stash Drugs in Jail Interrogation Room

No one is going to accuse this defendant of being a genius…. that being said, police in Nebraska say that a convicted criminal has been brought up on new charges after he tried to stash cocaine in a ceiling panel of an interrogation room.

Like we all see on crime shows and movies, interrogation rooms are outfitted with security cameras. Apparently this guy was unaware, because he climbed on top of a chair and moved ceiling panels. Police saw this on the camera and thought he was trying to escape! What they didn’t see was he pulled something out of his pocket and tried to stash it in the ceiling.

That “something” was cocaine and his attempt to hide it in the ceiling was unsuccessful (the bundle of drugs fell to the floor).

Police haven’t indicated why they brought the man in for questioning, but they have said he’s now being charged with additional crimes (bringing drugs into a jail is against the law).

Original article: Dumb criminal alert! Man caught stashing drugs in police station

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