Man Arrested on Suspicion of Running Meth Lab Was Wearing Breaking Bad T-Shirt

It was the best of crimes, it was the worst of crimes.

Police in Chicago say they’ve arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of running a meth lab. And while getting arrested isn’t anything remarkable, the fact that he was wearing a Breaking Bad t-shirt at the time of his arres makes this story special.

In his mug shot, the logo for “Los Pollos Hermanos,”  which was the name of a string of fried chicken restaurants that were owned and operated by Breaking Bad drug kingpin, Gus Fring, is clearly visible.

Authorities say this is the second time he’s been arrested on suspicion of running a meth lab in under a year.  In addition to finding everything the man needed to make meth, they also recovered a dozen jars of psychedelic mushrooms.

The defendant is being charged with a pile of felonies and one misdemeanor.

Original article: Man arrested for meth lab wearing “Breaking Bad” shirt

Photo credit: Cook County Sheriff’s Department

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