Ling & Lee Freed!

Written by Tonya Rynerson on August 5, 2009 – 6:34 am -

I currently watch overwhelmed as Laura Ling addresses the press following the release of Euna Lee and herself who were arrested while traveling in North Korea, where bail bonds are not available.  The two were convicted of hostile acts against North Korea and sentanced to 12 years of hard labor.

Now, they have been freed after North Korean officials asked for a meeting with former President Bill Clinton. Ling’s account of walking into a room, not knowing what to expect, but seeing President Clinton and knowing that the nightmare of their lives was over. Read more »

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Arrested While Traveling

Written by Tonya Rynerson on June 12, 2009 – 2:13 pm -

Whether you’re getting ready for Summer vacation or you travel abroad on business, you have probably watched carefully the story of reports Euna Lee and Laura Ling, sister of news correspondent¬†Lisa Ling.

Being arrested abroad is a serious situation. Other countries don’t offer the protection that the United States offers.

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